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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Hip-Hop Dance Revolution

By: J’La Williams

The first dance/ hip hop company was made in the 1960s created by Dj Kool Herc. Now Hip Hop dance is one of the most popular forms of dance in the world. Below are a few things you might to know in order to join a dance troupe.

  • Make sure you're always on time
My coach would  not let me perform if I wasn't on time. So make sure you are prompt.

  • Always exercise before your session
Exercising helps a lot. Say for instance you have to do kicks. If you don’t stretch you won’t be able to kick as high.

  • Make sure you pay your fees
Make sure you always pay your fees for you uniforms and trips cause if you don’t later on they will be having fun and you will be stuck at home bored.

  • Keep your uniform clean
Make sure all of your stuff is clean. You don't want to go anywhere and your clothes / outfit is looking a mess be organized  

  • Be committed to your team
Come prepared  and support your team even if you don't win think about it as you went to your competition and did good but your team didn’t place. Take that pride and work harder.

  • No Drama
Drama is one thing you shouldn't be worried about. You’re always going to have that one person hating you or hating on you but don't let it come between your dream or what you do.
  • Have energy
Don’t get out there and look lazy you have to have your whole routine together have energy and sportsmanship.

  • Make sure your arms are strong
I always have to keep my arms strong for instance my arms have to be strong when I'm dancing to music it makes it look like your whole routine is together and neat.

  • Always have your dance gear
Keep your gear you never know if you might need an extra bow or an extra pair of tights

  • Practice your techniques
I practice my routine over and over because you never know when you’re going to have to battle. Make sure if you need help you ask. When you get out there on the floor some people won't hesitate on pulling you out right when you’re performing
You should join dance because it keeps you active . Dance brings joy I think it’s pretty fun. So what it's challenging, you can always try your best so if your up for the challenge join a dance troupe near you.