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Monday, December 18, 2017

How 11 million Illegals Help Us

By: Guadalupe Campos-Soto
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Have illegal immigrants helped out this country or have they caused a negative impact? Read on to find out.

Most people think that immigrants are the reason that America is so bad. But I hate to break it to you, they’re not! Technically they are legal and you're not. In 1492, when Christopher Columbus came to the Americas, he pretty much killed everyone we would consider “legal.” So if you think about it, really we are all here illegally, with the exception of the Native Americans.
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“I came here on my own around 17 years ago.” said a Mexican immigrant. More than 13% of  Americans are illegal immigrants. “Between 27%-40%  of all undocumented immigrants come here on planes.”, “They came here legally through passport control, they just overstayed their visas.” said Adam from ‘Adam Ruins Everything’. A lot of people have this belief that immigrants walk miles to cross the border. Which some do but most don’t. This belief has grown so big and resulted in Donald Trump wanting to build the wall that immigrants could buy a $20 ladder and scale.
Mexico Says No Wall Ever
Immigrants come due to a variety of reasons. Whether it’s  warfare,  hunger, famine, or lack of money, they all come here for a better life, either for themselves or for their children. “I came here in search of a better life for my young children” said a immigrant mother of 3. ”My parents wanted me to have better educational opportunities.” said Janeth an undergraduate biology major at the University of Kansas. But in more severe cases they are sent over here because their homes are no longer a healthy environment due to so much warfare or famine.

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Immigrants lack so many opportunities because they aren’t full citizens. “I think that there are many things citizens and residents are able to do that they take for granted. For example, they can apply for FAFSA, receive student loans, and do work study.” Janeth said “Many take those things for granted, and don't take those opportunities seriously. FAFSA(Free Application for Federal Student Aid), student loans, work study, and scholarships are something that many immigrant students wish they could be a part of.” Janeth continued. Some people that have citizenship sometimes don’t realize the opportunities they have. But if immigrants had those chances they would most likely use it to get a good job, which will have a positive impact on our economy.

Donald trump thinks that immigrants play a big role in the downsides of America today. “Having someone in power pointing fingers at an entire group of people is very dangerous. The power he has, and the people that follow him blindly are a very treacherous combination. All it is doing is dividing the country.” Janeth said.

Immigrants have/had hope through D.A.C.A. (the deferred action for childhood arrivals). “I've heard about DACA. I know all about it. DACA was introduced in 2012, and I remember hearing about it that year. Every 2 years DACA students have to apply to renew their paperwork, and they have to go through extensive background checks. Plus, they pay $495 to renew it, which means they're definitely helping out the economy that way.” Janeth said.  D.A.C.A. gave hope to almost 800,000 immigrants. They would have chance to at least get a good paying job or go to college.

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Immigrants help the economy. They pay taxes probably more than legals. They work a lot of the blue-collar jobs. For example farming, mechanics, plumbers, or construction. “Yeah I've been working for quite some time now, paying taxes and also paying tuition towards my university education. I've volunteered at clinics, at charities, and in many different events. I'm grateful that I'm able to put my little grain of salt into this country's well-being.” Janeth said. These type of people are “making America great again” not Donald Trump.
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People think of any reason to make others think that immigrants are bad. If they really think about it, it kind of sounds like racism which supposedly was left in the past, but actually stands out just as much if not more than ever before. “I think it's a little sad that I have to talk about money contribution so people can understand that everyone should have human rights, but saying undocumented people don't pay taxes is often used to justify the "get these lazy bums out of the country, they're taking away from us" rhetoric.” Janeth said.
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Immigrants do help this country whether it’s by paying taxes and working blue-collar jobs or by bringing new culture and ways of life. Without immigrants we would have a smaller population which means a smaller economy. To try and get them all out of this country would probably have a negative result. So Donald Trump can keep trying to get them out of here but us legals will keep on fighting for them. Do you think immigrants help this country?

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