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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Samsung vs. Apple vs. Google

By: Daniel Gaitan
Image result for Smartphones
The first smartphone was created in 1992. Created by IBM it was called Simon Personal Communicator. Now Companies are trying to be a head of the game and trying to make the best smartphone.

This list is in my opinion.

  1. Image result for samsung galaxy s8Samsung Galaxy S8: Samsung
The Samsung Galaxy S8’s release date was April 21, 2017. Price $725. The the Samsung Galaxy S8 has face ID, 360 mode, voice commands, Water resistance.

  1. Image result for iphone 8IPhone  8: Apple
The Iphone 8’s release date was september 22, 2017, Branded by Apple. Price is $699. The Features of this Phone are the water and dust resistance, wireless charging.

  1. Image result for samsung galaxy note 8Samsung Galaxy Note 8:Samsung
The Samsung Galaxy Note 8’s release date was September 15, 2017. Price $950. The features about this phone is its water and dust resistance, mostly front glass, wireless charging.

  1. Image result for IPhone xIPhone X:Apple
The IPhone X’s release date was November 3, 2017, Branded by Apple. Price is $999. The Features of this phone are a 1,000,000 to 1 contrast ratio, most of the front is the screen, wireless charging, water and dust resistance, face ID.

  1. Image result for google pixel 2Google Pixel 2: Google
The Google Pixel 2’s release date was October 19, 2017. Price $500. The features about this phone its water resistance, four colors, unlimited storage, voice commands.

The best smartphone in this list is the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the Iphone 8, because both have very similar features. So it depends if you’re team IPhone or Samsung because both can work. That said I like Samsung better, because it has the headphone jack, and the front of the phone is mostly glass like the Samsung Note 8, but much cheaper.



  1. Great, thought-provoking article Daniel!

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  3. I'd like to know why you only had two phones on your list why not add a third.

  4. Thanks for share this post and keep share for Mobiles articles. Its valuable and nice information .Thanks for sharing it.