Tuesday, December 20, 2016

To Takis or Not To Takis

By: Litzy Cruz-Mera

Are you one of those people who just love Takis for their hot, crunchy taste? Now imagine, if they were banned.  What would you do?

There are some people who would say that Takis are as hot as fire and that they are really good.  But there are some people who would say that they’re sick and tired of Takis.  Takis is a famous brand of chips that most people know about or have tried.  “I think they started getting famous about 5 or 6 years ago”, said Diego, 7th grader at Northwest Middle School.  It would be bad for some people if there were no more Takis because sometimes that is the only kind of chip that they like. On the other hand, there are some people who would just start buying other kinds of chips.  “I would switch to Hot Cheetos”, said Diego.  

Someday, there could be a risk of Takis being banned from all stores. Scientists have done a lot of research that shows Takis can be dangerous. They have found out that if you eat too much of the popular chip it could do long- term damage. Some issues that Takis could cause include: High Cholesterol, Kidney Failure, Diabetes, Heart Disease and many more.

Many kids like Takis because they are influenced by their family members or their friends.  Many kids like the Flamin’ Hot Takis that come in the purple bag, but their are many other flavors that perhaps you haven’t tried.  For example, the Zombie Takis, the Guacamole Takis, or the Nitro Takis and many more.

Although Takis are a famous brand, not everyone likes them. Takis have a great taste but can be bad for you. Many people would just hate to see Takis gone. But, there are also some people who would just love to see them go away. Do you think Takis should be banned?


  1. Amazing article, it was very interesting keep up with good work, i loved this article - Edna

  2. i love takis

  3. Love your article, Lizty... Good Job! I love Takis, but once again, they can be bad

  4. No I don't think Takis should be banned, like you said some people love takis and that's all they eat so they shouldn't take them away from them ~ Ashanti

  5. In my opinion, Takis are very good and it really has that nice spicy and lemony flavor. How could they possibly ban Takis? That would be crazy! Just imagine... so many people will be disappointed.

  6. I love Takis because of there flavors but they could be bad for you but then again it would be outrageous to take something that so many people love and ban it but i love this article so keep it up- Jesse