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Monday, December 18, 2017

Top 10 Disliked Videos

By: Belen Jimenez
Youtube is an app where you can upload as many videos as you like and get as many likes as you like. But what if one of your videos gets more dislikes than likes?  

10. Pokemon Go Song By “MISHA”  
This song was released on July 16 2016.  It has received many dislikes because of the the way the song sounds and because the way the kid looks during the song. Misha is a youtuber who makes songs about things he likes and dislikes. This song has 742k likes and 1 million dislikes.

9. Jacob Sartorius “Sweatshirt”

Many people hated this song because of the cringy voice Jacob had. He lost many fans and popularity. It was released on June, 17th 2016.  Jacob uses auto tune to make his voice sound better. The song has a total of 671k likes and 1 million dislikes.   

8. GhostBusters Official Trailer  

The trailer was released by Sony Pictures Entertainment on March 3 2016 and has a total of 300k likes and 1 million dislikes.  The trailer has received many dislikes because it has women instead of men. Rude comments such as: “Feminist ruin the world” and “Women are incapable of being funny. What a terrible idea.” have made the trailer one of the most hated on Youtube.

7. Ricegum “How Many Dislikes Can This Video Get”

Ricegum is a 21 year old Youtuber with 8 million subscribers.  He uploaded this video on August, 6th 2017.  The video has 83k likes and 1 million dislikes.  The title itself explains why the video has more dislikes than likes.

6. Aruan Felix “Cortando O Botao Do Youtube”

Aruan Felix is a brazilian youtuber that does different types of videos. He posts every once in awhile and  has 4 million subscribers.  This video has gotten him 2 million dislikes and 449k likes.

5. Rebecca Black “Friday”
The song has reached 2 million dislikes and 751k likes.  After the song was released on March, 14 2011 it got many hateful comments and dislikes of course.  Some of the comments included death threats.  Not only did the song make people dislike it but it also made people laugh with the memes that went viral.  She not only  got threat comments but she also got bullied so much at school that she had to get home schooled by her mom.

4. Bibi H “How It’s Been”
Bibi H’s song How It’s Been has made a total of  2 million dislikes and 402k likes.  The german youtuber known best by her nickname “Bibi” has made a song that many people dislike. The song has gotten many dislikes in one month.

3. Jake Paul ft Team 10 “It’s Everyday Bro”

People not only hate this song but also hate Jake Paul. Jake Paul and his crew “Team 10” are best known for their crazy challenges and the drama that goes around them. The song has made 3 million dislikes and 2 million likes in such little time. The song is so hated that not only did fans hate it and many other people but so did Jake paul’s brother Logan Paul.

2. Call Of Duty “Infinite Warfare” Trailer
The trailer is hated because it looks like the other Call of Duty Trailers. The video has made history by making itself the most hated gaming trailer, thanks to 3 million dislikes and 583k likes.

  1. Justin Bieber ft Ludacris “Baby”
A song released on January, 18 2010 with 8 million dislikes and 7 million likes.  The song was so popular and has been on the top 100 billboard. But eventually on social media when somebody dislikes something everybody has to join into the argument and have their opinion on whatever they are arguing about. Sadly that's what happened to Justin Bieber's song. There were more haters than fans.

You can easily go check out any of these videos by going to Youtube. Make sure to comment down below if you have disliked any of the videos above and which one do you dislike the most?

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