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Monday, December 18, 2017


By: Tehya Ellifrits
Did you know that 750,000 teens get pregnant a year. That means around 62,500 teens get pregnant a month. 38% of those teens that get pregnant get an abortion. That’s 28,500 teen abortions a year. But, what about those teens that choose to not get an abortion?

Most parents feel as if teen pregnancy isn’t a problem if it hasn’t happened to their child. Teen pregnancy is a growing problem as some teen mothers have no money to support themselves or their baby. ”I feel that it is up to the teenager what they do with there baby not the parents also that we should focus on prevention and not what happens after they have there baby .” A Young mother said .

Most people hate teen pregnancy. Also some moms struggle with postpartum depression, which is suffering from the depression of loss of connection to your baby or to being pregnant. ”I definitely feel like I was closer to my kids but I don't think I would be this close to them if I was this age.”Said an anonymous mother.

There are different incomes in each house. Most people expect teen pregnancy from a low income house, but teen pregnancy could happen to anybody from any income not just what people refer to as ‘poor’. For example, the basketball player most people have heard of ‘Lebron James’ became a parent at nineteen years old. And the rapper most people have heard of  ‘Lil Wayne’ became a parent at fifteen years old. Also the tv celebrity ‘Kylie Jenner’ Is pregnant now at the age of 20 . This shows that not just low income households can have pregnancy in the house. ”I think that parents need to be more aware that it can happen to all income bases  and not just the lower income houses”. Said the teen mom

Teen pregnancy is a growing problem and it isn’t taken seriously in 2017.  We should work on preventing the problem of teen pregnancy and we should also work on accepting the teen parents that already have a kid instead of judging them. What are your thoughts on teen pregnancy?

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