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Monday, May 13, 2019

3 of Netflix’s Most Watched Shows

By: Eloni Townsend
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Did you know that if you watched Netflix for three hours a day, it would take 31 years to watch all of its content? Well, according to Automated Insights, there's around 34000 hours of material. So, as you can see Netflix has plenty to choose from. Click ‘Read More’ to check out  three of the most watched shows on Netflix.

Some of the Greatest African American Inventors

By: Dorien Womack

Have you ever just thought about who invented some of these cool gadgets that you use everyday? There are so many inventors and many inventions that deserve our appreciation.  Click ‘Read More’ to learn about five of the greatest African American Inventors of all time.

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Suspicious Superstitions & Their Role In Good And Bad Luck

By: Brittany London
When I was younger my house was being expanded so, there were ladders all around the house. Out of boredom my sisters and I decided to play hide & seek, but while looking for a hiding spot, my little sister ran under an open ladder only to later on slam her hand in a car door. This made me wonder about the causes of unlucky events in life to happen. Click ‘Read More’ to learn about karma, superstitions, and luck.

Monday, May 6, 2019

Reasons Why You Should Stop Wasting

By: Mary Corrales

One day I was sitting outside enjoying the nice weather and a car came by and threw a glass bottle into the street and I saw it as it shattered all over the place. At that moment I realized that I had to do something to save the environment. Click ‘Read More’ to find out how you can help keep the environment safe.