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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

School Shootings: Why Schools Should Be More Prepared

By: Lizbeth Mera
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Innocent people are harmed either physically or mentally because of school shootings. School shootings have been occurring a lot lately, and a lot of people are being affected. Click “Read More” to see why schools should be more prepared.

School shootings have been on the news a lot, and they have impacted a lot of people.  Innocent people have died in school shootings. People are sad about the violent shootings that are happening at schools, and they just want the shootings to end. “I think they should stop the school shootings because innocent people are dying.” said Oscar Chavez, 7th grade student at Northwest Middle School.

The shooters sometimes don’t realize what they have got themselves into.   They start to shoot the schools for some unknown reason. “I think they probably are just mad, but they shouldn’t be shooting schools.” Oscar Chavez said.  The people that are responsible for the shootings usually don’t think about how they could affect others. They might start to think about how they hurt others after they attack. “I think he does regret it because he didn’t think about all the innocent people he killed, he is probably sad about it now” Oscar Chavez said.

People that have experienced a violent shooting at their school have been scarred with bad memories.  They had to be in a situation of life and death. A lot of schools practice drills but they never think it’ll actually happen to them.  Now you never know if it’ll actually happen. Most of the victims make it out, but some weren’t. The people that are able to get out are very lucky.  Schools try to protect their students. A lot of people might have handled it differently than the teachers. “Teachers should call another teacher that isn’t close to the shooting to call the cops.” Oscar Chavez said.  This year there was a shooting in Florida that resulted in at least 19 people dead. One of them was a teacher trying to protect his students and sadly he was shot.

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Families that have been affected, have to be able to tell their kids to not be
scared.   Some families lose members of their family because of the shootings.  “I would try to cheer them up and give them money because the school didn’t protect them.”Oscar Chavez said.  Schools are trying to protect their students even more now that there have been a lot of tragedies. A lot of people want schools to have more security. “I would add more security, add metal detectors, and police officers.” Oscar Chavez said.  People are also protesting to stop school shootings.

Shootings are not something to laugh about.  You never know when a school shooting could happen. The schools that have and haven’t been affected are now trying to add more security. Students are still trying to process what happened and people are trying to do as much as they can to prevent these shootings. What would you do to try and prevent school shootings?

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