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Thursday, December 14, 2017

Breach & Clear: Review of R6S

By: Jose Del Valle
Rainbow six siege is a game that gives you action. Rainbow six siege was developed by the Ubisoft team with action and destruction included. Play this game and it will give you the perspective of what special forces, swat, and seal team members do to save Thousands of lives everyday.

Rainbow six siege lets you choose from different types of operators. Each operator has a unique ability. Some skills are used to defend some are used to attack. You can play with friends to help you win or play world wide. Rainbow Six Siege gets your adrenaline pumping with action especially if you complete an Ace (this occurs when you clear out the entire enemy team). Rainbow Six Siege has different game modes like hostage or bomb and a couple more. Rainbow Six Siege also gets updated in each you get patches new operators with each having a unique ability and with their own map.

Rainbow Six Siege has its good sides but it also has its downsides. Rainbow Six Siege has a bit of glitches that you may encounter here and there. The makers work hard to fix them but there are still more and more glitches found in the game. Some glitches you may encounter are teleportation. This glitch sometimes teleports a grenade back to you and kills you. Rainbow also has glitches where barricades or reinforcement get stuck in your hands or in enemy's hands and block them from getting killed. I personally hate the glitch where it looks like there is no barricade but the game acts like there is and when you throw an impact ganade you kill yourself.

Well you’ve heard the good and the bad of Rainbow Six Siege. You can get this game at Gamestop or Walmart. This game is fun in my opinion I hope you like it. Let me know what you think in the comments below.