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Friday, November 21, 2014

Northwest: The Good, The Bad, The Best

By: Jaime Medina

Every school has its good aspects as well as its bad.  Northwest is no exception. Northwest Middle School is a public school located on 18th and Haskell and despite many peoples stereotypical opinions it’s a great school.

Hats or Nah

By: Aliya Byers

Word on the street is that Northwest students aren’t allowed to wear hats in school. This eliminates a huge expression of style that includes a mix of baseball hats, fedora’s, and skullies (snug hats).


By: Alex Cineceros

Vans, a shoe brand founded by Paul Van Doren, Gordon C Lee, James Van Doren, and Serge D’Elia has now become one of the most popular brands of shoes at Northwest Middle School. Vans are popular because they’re comfortable to wear. They also have great style, design, and are very creative with their colors. If your not wearing Vans you should and here's why.