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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Info You Should Know about Cross Country

By: Seiry Melendez
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English schools began to compete in cross country races in 1837. Later on, in Wimbledon Common in South-West London, on December 7, 1867 there was a national championship. Here in Northwest, our Cross Country team has amazing runners who practice very hard and try their best in all their races.

Cross country was quite successful this year. All the runners did excellent work. They worked hard in practices, and tried their best in all of their races. “In races I got a little nervous cause I didn’t know if I was gonna do good but it was fun.” Joel said.  Of course, it is nerve wracking sometimes for the runners, but it’s still a fun experience to have in your middle school life.

No one likes to be out of breath the first two minutes of running.  It’d be better to just take some time out of your day to run and get better. “You have to practice a lot at home and be in shape because if you don't run or practice a lot you'll get tired in races and you won't do good.” Joel said.  Either way there’s a big possibility that by the end you would’ve realized that you had a blast.

“The best part I feel like is bragging to your friends that you did good and also that you'll stay in shape.” Joel said.  I’m betting we would all want to tell our friends all about what happened at the race last night. It’d be pretty cool wouldn’t it be?  It’d also be nice to stay in shape for the season.

So, it turns out that cross country is a pretty cool sport.  So, now that you’ve heard all about cross country here in Northwest Middle School, will you join the team next year?  Answer in the comments below.


  1. Seiry your article is so good i really enjoyed reading it.

  2. it was interesting reading about cross country

  3. seiry this fantastic article you wrote makes me want to join cross country.Keep up the great work:)

  4. Seiry your article is so good i really enjoyed reading it.