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Monday, December 18, 2017

Top 5 Scariest Urban Legends

By: Adriana Zuniga
She was a queen in England in 1553, she appears in the mirror when you summon her, and she killed many people for their beliefs. Read to find out who this is.

  1. Black Eyed Children
Black eyed children are obviously children with black eyes. Some say that they are very pale, and have a hoodie or glasses to hide their dark eyes. They are usually ages  6-16. Most of these people’s stories is that it’s nighttime and they hear a knock on their door to use the bathroom, grab something to eat, make a phone call, or they ask for a ride home. People who have encountered a black eyed child usually say that they catch themselves slowly doing what they’ve been asked to do, then they catch themselves and stop.

2. Slender Man
Slender man has no features on his face, he’s thin, and a very tall man with a black suit. Most of the stories of slender man includes stalking, abducting, and traumatizing people. It’s usually children. On May 31, 2014 there were two teenage girls who stabbed Payton Leutner nineteen times to appease Slenderman. They had to serve three years in a mental hospital for their actions. Thankfully, Payton is still alive and is now 15 years old.

3. Shadow People
Shadow people are basically really dark figures, that usually appear at night. Some of the people who have had encounters with shadow people experience sleep paralysis. Sleep paralysis is when you’re going to bed or waking up and you can’t seem to move, talk , yell ,or anything. You can only see, breathe, and think. Apparently there’s a higher chance you can get sleep paralysis if you sleep on your back, have anxiety, or have a bad sleeping schedule. Some think that when you have sleep paralysis, there’s a shadow person on your chest, and doesn’t let you move or anything. Some people think that they are your angels and they’re here to protect you. There’s a shadow person that wears a hat, most people think that he is not nice at all. He is here to get something from you.

4. Bloody Mary
Bloody Mary is one of the well known urban legends. There are many theories of why they call her “Bloody Mary.” One theory is that one day a little girl disappeared around Mary’s home. All the villagers assumed that Mary killed her. So, all the villagers decided to kill her. A few days later the villagers started to see unusual things. Apparently you can summon Bloody Mary if you go to your bathroom, close the door and turn off the lights, you may bring in a candle but that’s optional,  look into the mirror and say “Bloody Mary” 3 times and she’ll appear in the mirror next to you. There’s also theories that bloody mary killed people for not being Roman Catholic.

5. La LLorona
La LLorona was the most beautiful women in the village. Her original name was Maria, She got engaged to a handsome ranchero, and they had two children. A few years later, the ranchero left for his wild life for months, but when he came back home, he only came for his children. Maria got very angry and threw her children down the river, but as they disappeared down the stream, she had realized what she has done. The first night she was by the river yelling out “where are my children!” So now , children are warned not to be out late , or else La LLorona will take you and you’ll never return ever again.

Now you know these 5 scary urban legends, what they do, and how they look. Let me know which one of these urban legends you thought was most interesting in the comments.


  1. I like it but it kind of short but scary.

  2. On the shadow people and sleep paralysis it could just be your brain preventing you from acting out what you were doing in your dreams. well that's just what i heard

  3. You should make more the stories you made were very enjoyable.

  4. You should make more the stories you made were very enjoyable.

  5. make more thing over this is is scary of all of the scary thing and that store