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Friday, December 15, 2017

Surefire ways to Calm Down

By: Jonathan Martinez
There are many ways to relax. I have used these methods to relax and it helps a lot! Can’t wait till you guys try some of these out because these work like magic!

First try closing your eyes for a little bit to relieve stress. Studies show that closing your eyes here and there gives your brain time to relax and a gives it a break. It also allows you to have chill time for you to be stress-free.

Stretching is a way to relieve tension which will help you not to be angry. The monkey stretch is perfect to release tension. All you have to do is bring your hands high, then bring them down. Next, bring your hands and arm to the side then bring them down. Finally bring your hands high above your head and swoop down, with your head between your knees, now stay like this for a second and bring back your body to normal position. This helps relieve tension in our body.  

Meditation is a nice and easy way to relieve anxiety and stress. Meditation helps with stress, anxiety, and improves health. Meditating for at least ten minutes a day can do so much for you! Taking a little time to be in a moment where you feel the air passing through your face when your walking or where you take time to relax and catch up to yourself and life. Jeannette Moninger wrote that Tutin says “ Take five minutes and focus on only behavior with awareness.”

In school is where we spend most of our time, and sometimes someone makes us mad or angry, so how can we calm down while not disturbing nobody? A way to calm down while remaining quiet is getting a stress ball. Stress balls not only take away stress, but it calms anger easily. When our bodies tense up, we clench, and the stress ball makes you squeeze and release.

Hope you try some of these ways to calm down because we all need some peace in our lives!