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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Top 5 Most Powerful Anime Characters

By: Ahmon Canady  
What has nine tails and can destroy a whole village? Naruto that’s who. This article features the top 5 craziest and most powerful anime characters and at the end there might be a shocking surprise for who sits in first place.

The list my opinion.

5. Naruto Uzumaki- Naruto Shippuden
He became the jinchuuriki (Holder) of the nine tails (A giant fox who almost destroyed his village) when he was born. Since that, it caused him to be rejected by his village. Now the reason why he deserves this ranking is because his powers come from Kuruma (The nine tail fox) which means if he didn't have the nine tails sealed into him he would be a regular ninja. However since he has the skills of a ninja that helps him make the list.

4. Monkey D. Luffy- One Piece
Ever since he was a kid his dream was to become the pirate king and find the one piece (A legendary treasure left behind by the late pirate king, Gol. D Roger).Then when he was a kid he ate a devil fruit (A fruit that will give you special abilities if you eat it, but you can’t swim anymore).The fruit was called the gum gum fruit which gave him the ability to stretch his body however he wants. Now the reason why I gave him this ranking is the same as Naruto his power comes from a source. But his body's a invulnerable and his strength is incredible.

3. Ichigo Kurosaki-Bleach
He was just a normal teeenager until a girl came and said she was a shinigami (Death god) and was sent to his city to defeat hollows (Human souls that don’t cross over to the other side and stay in the human world and eat humans souls.) But her abilities have faded somehow. Ichigo takes her place as substitute shinigami until she gets her abilities back. The reason why he’s rank here is because his swordsmanship and his ability to think through tough problems are amazing

Gilgamesh is a servant of a war, he has an archer class and he is half god and half human. The reason why I gave him this ranking is because even though he has an archer class his swordsmanship combined with his archery abilities are quite impressive.

  1. Goku-Dragon Ball Z & Saitama-One Punch Man

Goku is is a saiyan (An aggressive warrior race who once was the strongest race but were sadly destroyed by another race.) Saitama was an ordinary human who wanted to be a superhero and he became that, but now he is disappointed at himself for being too strong and can't find strong enough opponents to withstand his one punch. The reason why I gave both of them this same ranking is because Goku’s abilities are just extraordinary even if he doesn't go super saiyan.The same for saitama's strength is extraordinary and he can defeat anybody in one punch. However I couldn’t choose which one was stronger so I went with both of them.

Now that you’ve seen the top 5 most powerful anime characters do you agree or disagree.  Who would you add or who would you take away?



  1. good work😊😊😊

    1. Not realy. Only one of them is about Galaxy Busterlevel. Most of them arent even Planetbusters. They make a good show and arent very strong. And Luffy in a Top List? He isnt even the strongest Charakter in his Anime. Its a very bad List. No offens.

  2. I know I sound angry whit my comment, but listen. This isnt a Strongest Animecharakterlist, this is a favorit Animecharakterlist. Otherwise it would be a gigant mess. This List is just stupid, like 99% of all other Lists. Naruto, Luffy and co. cant even destroy a Planet. Goku can destory the Universe whit only one Punch. A good Top 10 Charakterlist would include all Omnipotent Charakters in Anime. Gods, like Madoka and Godlike Heros like Son Goku, ore Anti Spiral. But even if you only count the Strenge in they own world, what would be a stupid Concept by the way, its still a terrible List. Why? Because of Luffy. He isnt even the strongest Charakter in his own Universe? So why did everyone think he deserve too be on a Top 10 strongest Animecharakter of all Time List? All Yonko, the Admirals, Whitebeard Jr., Monkey D. Dragon, Gol D. Roger, all of them are incredible more Powerfull. I wish someone make finaly a good List whit relatable Numbers.

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