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Friday, January 19, 2018

Top 10 Worst TV Shows for Kids

 By: Sofia Mercado-Amado
Many people have written about the best TV shows ever, but have you wondered what shows are the worst for kids? If so you’re in for a treat (or possibly a trick) because I’ve listed them below.

  1. Fred the Show-( January 16- August 3-2012)- This show was about a kid named Fred that had a squeaky voice. He was a youtuber when he got popular.  He started a show on Nickelodeon. But when it got to Nickelodeon it got very violent, with the special effects.
  • 1 /5 Common Sense, 1.9 /10    

  1. Family Guy(1999-present)-This show is a big hit but, should it be? This show has very inappropriate language for kids. The show includes sexual content that is bad for any kid that is 13 or below. Violence is also included.  
  • 4.4 /5 Hulu, 8.9/10

  1. Uncle Grandpa(2010-2017)- This show is about a magical grandpa that does stunts no human could possibly do.  The grandpa knows everyone in the show.  The show has very weird scenes and it has very weird characters.
  • 2/5 common sense,  2.8 / 5 Hulu.

  1. American Dad (2005-present)- This show talks about a dad working in the CIA, and will do anything to protect America. Later in the series  he finds an alien and he keeps him. This show is good for grown ups but it’s not for kids.
  • 4.1 /5  Hulu, 8.4 /10

  1. Franklin-(1999-2004) This show is a very nice show but have you noticed that Franklin is a spoiled turtle that gets whatever he wants. At the end, this shows kids that if you whine for things you will get what you want.  
  • 8.1 / 10

  1. Caillou(1997-2010)- Even though you think Caillou is nice and he is trying to  find adventures, have you notice that sometimes he is very mean to his family and especially his sister and always throws a fit. It’s a very bad influence to kids .
  • 4.7 /  10

  1. Sanjay and Craig-(2013-2016)- This is a very weird show, it has a 12 year old boy and his talking pet. They have very gross and strange adventures.
  • 2/5 common sense media, 4.4/

  1. Planet Sheen-(2010-2013)- This is a show about a kid who went to a different plant because of one of Jimmy Neutron’s failed experiments. It’s about comedy and it does not have very good jokes. He gets help by a monkey and he's the only human on the planet .  
3 /5 common sense, 3.8 / 10  

  1. Bob’s Burger(2011-2017)- This is a hit for adults, but not for kids. It should not be because it has dirty jokes that only adults understand and it can mess up kids minds.
  • 4.4 / 5  Hulu.

  1. The Simpsons (1989-present)- This  show is the worst because even though it has comedy, it is very weird, and it’s very inappropriate for kids. They don’t really see that they make fun of people by creating the characters. They also put inappropriate scenes.  
  • 4.3/5  Hulu , 9.1/10

These are the top ten worst TV shows for kids. Comment below and tell me what shows should we have added to the list.


  1. on some of the the TV shows there is a ¨Viewer Discretion is Advised¨ Warning. Which means adult content that is unsuitable for children.

  2. i watched all of these tv shows and there not bad i like them

  3. I agree that these the worst shows for kids to watch

  4. Regards for helping out, good information.

  5. i like the article

  6. i dont agree

  7. these T.V shows are not for kid some of them are.

  8. MY mom probaly shouldnt read this ... :)