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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Top 5 Ugliest Animals!!!

By: Leslie Garcia-Villegas
Ugly animals.jpg
There are many animals that are beautiful and have great colors, but there is another side of the animal kingdom that exhibits pure ugliness! Read more to find out about the ugliest animals in the world!!!


This creature lives on the bottom of the sea. This ¨thing” is a deep sea creature in mainland Australia and Tasmania. It lacks bones and teeth so it moves slowly. They eat anything that comes on their path on the seafloor which is usually small creatures that they scoop up in their mouth. They are close to extinction, and are rarely seen.

Aye Aye-
This weird looking creature lives in Madagascar, its a type of Lemur. It has rodent like teeth. These creatures are really rare, and hard to find on the island. They can live up to 20 years in total and can grow up to 4lb with a 14-17in body!  

Proboscis Monkey-
This long nose animal is called a Proboscis. Proboscis Monkeys live in the jungles of Borneo, they live in the lower elevation of the jungle near the swamp lands. These monkeys live on seeds, leaves, fruit, and some insects. These monkeys can swim very well which is really helpful if there are predators near them. Scientist say with their big noses males can attract female proboscis monkey.

California Condor-
The California Condor is a vulture, they are one of the largest birds in North America. This bird is a carnivore. Their wings can grow to about 10ft long. Like vultures these birds are scavengers that feast on large mammals like cows and deer. Sometimes they over eat which means they can't fly for several hours. These vultures can fly up to 15,000 feet in the air!!! This weird looking bird is bald on top of his head and has plenty of feathers on its body. Really weird isnt it?

Naked Mole Rat-
You must be thinking “This isn't real!!!” but guess what, it is! This ugly weird creature is a Naked Mole Rat. This mole rat is hairless and is really wrinkly. They are a kind of rodent but live their life like insects and moles. The queen is the only naked mole rat to breed and bear young. They are herbivores so they eat seeds and roots inside the barrows under ground.

All these animals are ugly, it's the truth! They are all pretty weird animals that live their lives everyday and get judged every day by humans. LOL. Comment what animal really disgusted you the most!

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