Tuesday, May 30, 2017

10 Most Dangerous Internet Challenges

By: Mariana Rosales
The Internet is a unique  way to communicate with people all around the world. But there is also a horrible downside of it. Millions of people lose their lives due to these idiotic challenges they see online.

Image result for car surfing10.) Car Surfing Challenge- Teens have went from surfing on water to surfing on top of cars while driving. This challenge has caused many major injuries and even deaths. To do this challenge teens get on the top of a car and a friend starts driving around the streets. Teens do this to have fun but I say putting your life in danger is never fun. A 14 year old girl in Omaha Nebraska died while surfing on top a moving vehicle. Her skull was badly broken because her friend has driving very fast.

Related image9.) Salt and Ice Challenge- Vinegar and water don't mix, well salt and ice don't mix very nicely on a body.  This challenge really painful and leaves a mark. Teens put a small amount of salt on a body part then put an icecube on the salt. The person who fights the pain and holds the mixture longest on their body  wins the game. This can cause a serious second degree burn.

Image result for eyeballing vodka8.) Eyeballing Challenge-  Imagine having bleach poured into your eyes. Imagine the pain and how you your eyes would burn and how you might even go blind. Well this challenge involves having vodka poured into your eyes which feels worse than bleach. This can cause corneal scarring, irritation, and is likely to cause blindness.

Image result for vampire biting challenge7.) Vampire Biting- This challenge is disgusting because it involves teens biting each other. People who do this are mostly couples who bite each other to feel ¨closer¨ to each other. People say it's like a modern day hickey that can lead to HIV, hepatitis, and infection.

Image result for the choking game6.) The Choking Game- This game has no point at all. Teen chock each other against a wall to reduce the flow of blood to the brain of a person's body until they faint. This challenge was popular in the 1900´s and its making a comeback. There has been so many deaths due to this challenge, that there was a movie made of this challenge to raise awareness to the cause. In Birmingham a 12 year old boy died from suffocation because he saw a video online.

Image result for the snorting challenge5.) The Snorting Challenge-   This challenge involves teenagers snorting things such as strings, yarn, balloons, and many others things teens can find. If you do the challenge you have to snort an object through your nose and pull it out of through your nose. This challenge can cause choking to death, extreme nose bleeding, gagging while doing the challenge
and throwing up.  To win the challenge you have to successfully pull it out without dieing.

Related image4.) The Ice Bucket Challenge- This challenge has been taking teenagers lives  quick as a flash. At first the challenge was created to raise awareness to the ALS association but teens have taken it too far. You would probably think, what makes this challenge so dangerous? Well, before doing this challenge teens take a big amount of alcohol. When you drink alcohol it goes into your bloodstream and it can cause a serious health risk. When you dump a bucket of ice water after drinking alcohol your body is not going to take it the right way and you will be instantly knocked down.

Image result for cold water challenge3.) The Cold Water Challenge- This challenge is almost the same as the ice bucket challenge but way more dangerous. This challenge involves people jumping into huge bodies of ice cold water and lasting as long as they can underneath the freezing cold water. Doing this crazy thing can cause hypothermia     ( the condition of having dangerously low body temperature).  In Minnesota, one teen did this challenge alone and ended up drowning.

Related image2.) The Fire Challenge- People would say it's “lit” but I say it's the complete opposite of it. To do this challenge, teens dump flammable liquid on their body and light themselves on fire. The point of this challenge is to post the video online and get views and to be ¨cool¨ . Doing this can cause a huge second degree burn, or even a  painful third degree burn. In
Buffalo, NY a teenager did this challenge   and died from intensive injuries in the hospital.

Image result for ghost pepper challenge1.) The Ghost Pepper Challenge- A Lot of people do this challenge but don't know the dangers that come with it. This pepper is the hottest pepper imagine what kind of danger people put their stomachs in. When people eat this it can cause asthma attacks, seizures, vomiting, breathing problem and insane stomach burns.  A child died from a seizure due to ingesting chili powder. The reason people do this is to record the reaction of eating the pepper then uploading it on youtube. Millions of youtubers have done this challenge and every time they all have the same reaction drink milk, scream, cry, sometimes even vomit.

If you were planning on doing these challenges remember that not everything that you see online is safe. Do you think that the kids that lost their lives knew what was going to happen? If you really care about your life don't do a dumb challenge that could kill you.


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