Friday, May 26, 2017

Lucky There’s A Family Guy

By: Cheyenne Gooch
When you turn on Fox, you don’t watch it for the news do you? No, of course not. You turn it on to watch Family Guy, the funniest adult comedy cartoon stationed right after the Simpsons.

Family Guy is a comedy show for teens and adults. It uses flashbacks and sarcasm to make jokes that everybody can laugh at. A lot of the episodes tell a backstory that relates to the plot of that episode. “I like it because it’s funny.” said Sebastian Carrete, 7th grader at Northwest Middle School. Family Guy has a lot of dry humor that many people can understand, especially if they are older. Peter Griffin, the main character, is always doing something awkwardly funny, as well as his wife, Lois Griffin.
Family Guy is a show similar to The Simpsons, one of the best shows ever. “My favorite characters are Peter and Stewie.” Sebastian says. There are also other characters and family members who complete the show, like Meg and Brian. The show is overall gold for anyone who watches it- sarcasm is always on high, jokes are constantly laughed at, and the theme song will forever be sung along to.

Though Family Guy isn’t a family show, there is always something that everyone can laugh at. For an example, in season 7, Peter sang a song called ‘Bird is the Word’, walking around singing and dancing. That was a memorable episode and something for the whole family to laugh at. Family Guy has been on for a while. There are 15 seasons, 286 episodes, and has been on the air since January of 1999.

If you aren’t a fan of Family Guy, you will be after you start watching. As I said before, it’s awesome and funny. It brightens your day anytime you turn it on. Family Guy is a gift and totally worth the watch.


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