Friday, May 26, 2017

Self Harm: What It All Comes Down To

By: Raylene Valadez

Self harm is what most teens use to deal with their emotions. It is dangerous and needs to be helped. Schools cover bullying suicide and other things but do they cover self harm well?

People harm themselves intentionally but not exactly to commit suicide. They do things like cutting or burning themselves. “When you do this you'll lose a lot of blood and get an infection”, said Jefferson, a journalism student at Northwest Middle School. Self-harm is used by teens and adults but mostly by girls. They harm themselves because of school or their personal life.

School is a place where you go to learn but, many people have insecurities about going. You have all these people who judge you and say hurtful things. As a student you hear about bullying and suicide in school to prevent them from happening, but self-harm tends to be left out sometimes. “There’s teachers who only talk to the students and don’t do anything,” Jefferson said.

Schools should pay attention to these types of things and do more than talk to the students. Talking often works but, some students need more than just a talk with an adult or teacher. We should pay attention to self harm more. If this was happening to a family member you would want them to receive help, so it starts with you!


  1. You did good explaining self harm to help students.

  2. You did good explaining self harm to help the students

  3. You did good explaining self harm to help the students

  4. this really helped me be more aware of what is going on with teens in the world and in my community.

  5. Good job on this article

  6. Like this story because help student bullying is not okay