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Monday, December 17, 2018

The Best of the Best Northwest

By: Rosa Escobar

On September 8th, 2018  the Northwest Football Tigers started another great season off with a bang as they beat Arrowhead 30-0. But that was only the beginning. Find out how they became even more dominant as the season went on by clicking ‘Read More’ .

2018 was a good year for the Northwest Middle School football team. The team was dedicated and they were able to accomplish their goal of being undefeated for 3 straight seasons. “It feels good to be part of an undefeated team” said James Hardridge Northwest football player. Even though the boys had to work hard this season they still had fun. The team was able to win all games with the exception of one a tie against Eisenhower that ended 14-14.

Of course with victory also comes challenges, such as practice. The boys had to practice almost everyday of the week to prepare for the games. They practiced in all kinds of weather.  From very hot days, to cold and windy days, to rainy weather they didn't let that stop them. Even though we had a good team other teams were also very good. ”Some teams try to stop us but we’re unstoppable” James said. The good thing is that they were always prepared and were able to take on any team that they were put up against.

We wouldn't have had a good season without the help of the coaches, Coach Smith (Head), Mcardle, Hylton, and Gilmore. They helped the boys improve their skills and prepare for their games. ”Our coach said if you want it, go get it” James said . The coaches stayed almost everyday after school with the boys to make sure they were ready for there games that were held on Saturday mornings.

Northwest has been undefeated for three seasons straight. Even with challenges there goal was accomplished and we’re looking forward to being undefeated again soon. Will they complete the ‘four-peat’ next year? Comment the answer below.

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