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Monday, December 17, 2018

Back to Back to Back Champions

By: Michelle Aguilera Enriquez
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Have you ever thought of football as more than just a sport? Like, maybe this game has a deeper meaning to it. Well it does, and for the football players of Northwest Middle School there have been obstacles they've had to overcome to even become a Northwest football player.

The Northwest Football team has had a huge impact on many people, including the coaches, the community, and especially the football players themselves. “Football keeps me out of the streets” said Brandon Harris, Northwest Middle School football player. So football isn’t just all about touchdown passes and big hits. It provides a positive outlet for young people that are sometimes surrounded by negativity.   Also the football players have spent most of their time practicing and trying to be better at football. “I have dedicated most of my time in football and that’s the only thing that would help me get into college” Brandon said. So Northwest Football is helping young people to think about their future.

Football isn’t all fun and games though, there are things you have to do in order to be a football player. “The process of becoming a football player is good grades, behavior, and discipline, and showing your best during classes” Brandon said. The coaches and the football players are also doing their best to make sure that they keep their winning streak and that they do their best even when they are practicing. “They are working hard at practice and they keep their grades up and they are putting their time during school and after school.” Brandon said. So even in practice the football players are doing their best to be better than their competition.

Every year Northwest passes great talent on to the high school level, and people wonder will they still be successful. But, every year Northwest rises from the ashes like a phoenix with new faces, but the same dominant style.“I think the football team would still be undefeated because the players will put all they have into our team, and the coaches will do everything they need to do to make sure our players are in shape and make sure they have all the plays down and that the football players have their grades up.” Brandon said.

The Northwest Middle School football team has created a family. “It brings our community together” Brandon said. We don’t know what some of the football players are going through at home but The Northwest football team has helped the players find a sense of peace. “Most of the boys would probably be on the streets if it wasn't for football.” Brandon said. So while other young people are battling the struggles of the outside world, Northwest Football has created a covering for it’s players that allows them to distance themselves from the wrong path.

With six straight winning seasons and three straight undefeated seasons the Northwest Middle School football team has had a great impact on many young people. But my biggest takeaway has nothing to do with the winning but everything to do with the fact that Northwest Football provides it’s athlete with a positive outlook for their future selves.  What stands out the most to you about the Northwest football teams success? Comment below.


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