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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Black & Gold: Northwest Volleyball Recap

By: Ludwika Gomez
Who represents the Tiger black and gold, and operates with a gift and confidence. The Northwest Middle School Volleyball Tigers that's who!

Everyone was excited for the Northwest Volleyball season to start.  It was so fun to encourage our friends and watch them give their all for the win. ¨I like to play with my friends and spend time with them¨ said, Brenda Isidro a 7th grader from the Northwest volleyball team. Many people this year wanted to join the volleyball team but they were too nervous to try out.  

Sometimes people would criticize them if they didn’t win, not understanding how much it takes to earn a win. ¨I think in our first game we could have tried harder¨, Brenda said. The volleyball team was filled with so much excitement that they were too nervous to even play. ¨I missed the ball the first game and after that I started to work harder¨, Brenda said.

NWMS volleyball team is not all about winning it is also about enjoying the sport and sisterhood.  That said, students at Northwest thought that they did good this season. ¨I was nervous but happy because we won and I missed the ball but after that I did better¨ Brenda said. The rest of the season was pretty good the girls tried their best even though they didn’t win every game. ”We might not have won many games but we tried our best”, Brenda said.

Volleyball is fun, you don't need to be good at it to play it. You might just need a friend to play with. The rest of the season was filled with excitement to see the volleyball girls play, they have always tried their best to win and make Northwest proud.

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