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Friday, December 16, 2016

Top 12 BEST Memes Of All Time

By: Jayme Thompson
What is the best thing that has ever happened to America? What really shaped our country into the one it is today? You are probably thinking our ex-president Barack Obama right? Wrong. MEMES, Memes are the best thing that has come to our country ever since sliced bread and guess what? I’m going to list the top twelve memes OF ALL TIME.

Image result for doge meme
12.)  Doge memes- (the cutest but creepiest dog ever, those eyes...)
  • This Shiba Inu became popular in 2013 for its weird look, so they created the dogecoin. A dogecoin is a type of currency that was created in Portland, Oregon. The dogecoin has earned 13.5 million so far.

Image result for pepe the frog meme bold lettering
11.)  Pepe memes (the countdown begins…)
  • Pepe was originally from a comic called “Boys Club” made by Matt Furie. It’s popularity came from old social media  apps like my space and 4chan. It basically is a frog with human characteristics.

Image result for zac efron meme
10.) Zac Efron memes (we are allll in this togetherrr !!!!! NEVER FORGET HIS HSM DAYS.)
  • This meme has an unknown origin we will never know. Maybe it was made by the illuminati??

Image result for dat boi meme
9.) Dat boi memes (who else wants to watch this movie??)
  • Dat boi originated from an “animation factory”. Apparently after this meme got popular on tumblr dat boi had beef with pepe and his creator Matt Furie.

Image result for say no more fam memes
8.)Say no more fam memes (want an article about memes?? Say no more fam.)
  • Also unknown… the illuminati man, I swear it’s real.

Image result for harambe meme
7.) Harambe memes (r.i.p harambe, you will never die in our eyes. *bagpipes play in background.*)
  • 4:00 may 28th tragedy struck… a child climbed into Harambe’s house and basically got him killed. They had to shoot harambe because they thought he was harming the child. There was a lot of bad talk over the choice to kill harambe but I think the answer is clear… ladies and gentleman watch your kids please.

Image result for swirly spongebob meme
6.) Confused Mr. Krabs (you can’t forget about this one.)
  • Origin unknown again. No words...

Related image
5.) SpongeGar (ohh the places these memes go…)

Image result
4.) Conceited reaction meme (personally one of my favorite ones.)
  • Unknown origin all I know is that he is a rapper and his name is Conceited.

Image result for joe biden memes
3.)Joe biden memes ( Oh Joe Biden, who doesn’t love your silly personality.)

Image result for hooded kermit memesImage result for hooded kermit memes
2.) Evil kermit memes/ drinks tea Kermit (the only thing that Kermit is good for are these memes. But that’s none of my business.)
  • Basically the Evil Kermit meme is kind of like your conscience, it’s like when you are on Youtube and it’s 12:00 and you are like ok… one more video then it’s 6:00 in the morning and you’ve watched every video on youtube.

Image result for Arthur memes
  1. ARTHUR MEMES ( you might ask why are all the letters in all caps?? BECAUSE THESE ARE THE BEST MEMES EVER.)

Image result for appropriate Arthur memes

Image result for appropriate Arthur memes


That was all fun and games but, at the end of the day we are entering 2017 and  there are still a  lot of problems in the world. Trump won, we are dealing with global warming and Harambe is still dead. (Ever since he died  everything went downhill, did you notice that??) BUT guess what we still have memes, and that is all that matters right now, so sit back be a kid and love memes. (That should be on a t-shirt by the way.)

(p.s here is my own personal meme. enjoy:)

I didn’t choose the meme life,
IMG_0712.JPG<<< Jesse Kroll  


  1. "Here" a channel to under stand memes le,

  2. The illuminati is real... finally someone who understands me!!!!!

  3. This is amazing good job Jamie - Stacy

  4. BEST ARTICLE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!

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  9. OH M GAWD! That was hilarious Jayme!!! I love memes

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  12. We are going to have a 10000000 dollar photoshoot so i guess i can fit some memes in :)

  13. Susanne, I can't stop reading this article !! Got me bumpin', jumpin' *does the Carlton*😎

    - yours truly, heather

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