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Friday, March 30, 2018

Top 3 Recommended Netflix TV Shows

By: Adriana Zuniga

Netflix has many different shows, some are boring, others are interesting, here I will give you some recommendations for TV shows I personally enjoy. Click “Read more” to enjoy some new shows you probably haven’t watched yet.

1) Stranger Things
Stranger Things is a story of a young boy that goes missing. One night, his friends sneak out to try to find him but find someone else on their way, who makes a major plot twist in the whole story. I would really recommend this show if you’re into horror and science fiction. At the moment, there are two seasons for you to enjoy !

2) Riverdale
On 4th of July, the brother of a rich and popular girl dies from murder. The small town tries to investigate the murderer, and during the investigation they find out some other things. The suggested age to watch would be 14+. If you’re interested in teen drama and mystery you should definitely watch Riverdale. There is currently one season on Netflix but season two will be showing shortly on Netflix.

3) The End of The .. World
A psychopath, James, gets a girlfriend, Alyssa,  and pretends to love her to kill her, he then actually falls in love with her and they both run away. Both Alyssa and James have to hide from people and disguise themselves so they don’t get caught. Only one season is out, so take it slow on the series. The recommended age rating is 15+.

I’ve personally enjoyed these three shows on Netflix. Hopefully if your bored one day this list can come in handy. Let me know some other Netflix shows to watch in the comments down below.