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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Top 10 Latino Artists

By: Guadalupe Campos Soto
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Mariachis are one of the many talents that Latin America music has to offer. The real question is who is at the top?

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10.  Mariachi Sol de Mexico: This amazing mariachi group was founded by trumpet player Jose Hernandez. They have many albums out such as “Mexico Canta” and “Mariachi Sol: Viva Mexico”. They have performed in many places such as J.C.C.C. They have been nominated for Latin Grammy award for best ranchero/mariachi album.

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9.  Luis Miguel: Luis Miguel is a Mexican Mariachi singer. Now at the age of 47 has had many albums such as “Fiebre de amor” from 1985 and is still making more. His most current album is “!Mexico Por Siempre” which was released in 2017!

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8. Jenni Rivera: Jenni was an amazing vocalist that released albums such as “Reyna De Reynas” (Queen of queens). Jenni released many songs such as “No Llega El Olvido” and “Ya Basta”. But unfortunately she was killed in a tragic plane crash in 2012.

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7.  Lucha Villa: Lucha was born in Mexico and is a very popular ranchera singer and actress. She starred in movies such as “El Gallo De Oro” in 1965. She is now currently 81 years old but is very still famous!

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6.  Mariachi Vargas: This mariachi group is very popular. They have played very traditional Mexican song such as “El Son De La Negra” and “El Jarabe Tapatio.” This group continues to impress with such amazing performances.

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5.  Ana Gabriel: Ana Gabriel is a famous ranchera singer. Born in Sinaloa, Mexico, she now has many albums that include “Mi Mexico” and  “Luna.” She Also sings popular songs such as “Cielito Lindo” and “Volver Volver.”

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4.  Aida Cuevas: Aida is known as “Queen of ranchera.” She has hit singles such as “El Pastor” and has released 39 albums.

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3.  Selena Quintanilla: Selena was a tejano singer. She had her own clothing line as well. She released many albums with her family’s help. She had many hit singles as well such as “Como La Flor” and “Bidi bidi Bom Bom” which are still popular today. But unfortunately she was shot and killed by her own manager, Yolanda Saldivar.

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2.  Vicente Fernandez: Vicente is 77 years old and is a legend in the mariachi world. He left many memorable pieces such as “Por Tu Maldito Amor” and “Aca Entre nosotros.”

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1.  Juan Gabriel: This Mexican singer was very famous in Mexico. He had many albums. He based his hit singles on personal experiences and they made very popular songs such as “Asi Fue” and “Hasta Que te conoci.” This singer was performing up to his death by heart attack in 2016.

As you can see Latin America has a lot to offer. These people are just the beginning of what talent Latin America has to offer the entire world. Let me know in the comments which Artist you think is the best.

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