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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

😭😱😥Possible Ways the World Could END😥😱😭

By: Sarai Garcia
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If you’re anything like me you probably spend your free time wondering how the world is going to end.  Even if you’re not I have 10 possible ways the world could end.

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Global Warming:
Not everybody believes in global warming but most people do. Global Warming means the Earth is getting hotter because we are using a lot of gas  that creates emissions which pollute our atmosphere and destroys the ozone layer. Did you know 2017 was the hottest year ever? Polar ice caps are melting which is making sea levels rise. Since global warming is warming up the Earth it makes it hard for animals and plants to adapt to it because they are used to a particular weather. It also leads to more wildfires.

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Overpopulation does sound like a weird way that the world could end. Actually if the end of the world was to happen because of this, we would be ending the world slowly. The Population in the whole world is 7.6 billion (2017). It is predicted that by 2030 the population should reach to 8 billion. The problem with overpopulation is that there is more people which means more pollution in the air, more possible ways for the water that we drink to get dirty, and we’d have to grow more food. Yes there is a lot of water and food but we are polluting the waters and we need that water to survive.

Robots are also a possible way to end the world. Did you know there was a robot that got her citizenship? Her name is Sophia she is really smart, and that is the exact problem with it. Robots are so smart there is a possible chance that they could start controlling themselves. It’s not likely but there is a small chance.

Nuclear War (Doomsday Clock):
A nuclear war is a deadly war in which nuclear weapons are used.
The doomsday clock, is a clock made by the Bulletin of The Atomic Scientist in 1947. It is a response to nuclear threats. The closer the minute hand gets to midnight the closer we are to a nuclear war. The clock was just moved on January 26, 2018, it was moved two minutes closer to midnight. Nuclear bombs are really dangerous and cause huge explosions. It is said that a nuclear bomb could be like a atomic bomb or even worst!

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Giant Asteroid:
Everyone knows a giant asteroid is really dangerous and could mean the end of the world. Asteroids are just rocks floating around space. But when those rocks become meteors they could become pretty dangerous. Well not really dangerous it’s really only if it is really big than that might be the end of us. It’s basically just a big rock hitting us. Could you imagine what would it be like if a giant asteroid was to hit Earth! Some people believe that that’s how dinosaur life ended.

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A supernova occurs when something has changed inside the star. If the star ends up having too much matter it will explode. A supernova hasn’t happened in the Milky Way since 1604. There have been supernova’s in other galaxies which are millions of years away from us since though.

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The sun is really hot and big. The sun is what keeps us warm, if we had no sun the Earth would be frozen and there would be no life on this planet. The sun is a big star and stars end up dying. The sun is only half way through its life so it probably won’t die in another billions of years. The key word is ‘Probably’ though.

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Black hole:
A black hole would be a scary way for the Earth to end.  Once you get into a black hole you can’t get out. A black hole has really strong gravitational effects not a single thing can escape from it even particles. Some people believe a black hole is going to swallow the world and that would be the end of us. But the nearest black hole is thousands of years away. A black hole swallowing us all will probably not be a likely way for the world to end.

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NASA is still trying to figure out if aliens are real. I mean you never know there are so many galaxies out there that it could be possible. Some people believe in aliens, and some say they have seen UFOs pass by Earth. Just like in the Roswell, New Mexico incident. People that lived near by claimed to see a UFO crash. Yet we still don’t know if aliens exist but if they do some people believe they will take over our world. It was predicted in 2012, but nothing ever happened so we’re not sure that aliens are going to take over the world.

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If you’re not much of a Bible person then you probably don’t know much about the rapture. You might not believe in Jesus either but some people believe in this story. When Jesus was here on Earth he died on a cross and then resurrected. He said he was going to come back for the people that were loyal to him. So people are now just waiting for his second coming and saying that after that happens the world is going to be a disaster. They call this second coming the rapture. This information is all found in the book of Revelations, which is the last book of the Bible.  It also says that after 1,000 years there will be peace for the people that followed Jesus and to the people who didn’t they will be thrown into a lake of fire.

Well that was 10 possible ways the world could end. I hope you liked it and don’t be scared of the world ending because what you have to do before the world ends is live your life. Have fun with however much time we have left and do things you have never done before:)

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