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Thursday, February 8, 2018

Weirdest Trends of 2017

By: Leoneol Toruno
Hello everyone this is watchmo- I mean this is buzzfe- …..erm…. Umm. Ok, I’m not some big time youtuber. I’m just a middle schooler who likes to laugh at trends! So, check out the weirdest trends that happened in 2017.

  1. The Little Einstein Song
The Little Einstein song is the opening to a kids show on the Disney channel. It’s about preschoolers who go on adventures to discover artifacts. It was on this day January 18th, 2014, that a YouTuber by the name of  886Beatz uploaded a remix of the Little Einsteins. This is how the trend started, people began to sing the opening of The Little Einsteins.

  1. Fidget Spinners
Okay this is by far the weirdest trend I have ever seen. So this is a fidget spinner and what this does is help people with ADHD, autism or anxiety. This “toy” was made in the 90’s but became popular last year. The reason this became popular with people without ADHD or autism is unknown.

  1. The Dab
The dab was a really big trend in 2016. This is probably the biggest trend on the list. It is believed that the dab came from “look at me dab” by Migos,but this is all speculation. There are even rumors that it started in 2010. Well anyways look at this picture of Squidward and Marge dabbing.  Now don’t you feel the urge to forearm your face.
( i like memes)

  1. Charlie Charlie Challenge
The Charlie Charlie challenge is where you put 2 pencils on top of each other and write on a piece of paper 2 yes’ and 2 no’s and ask the dead spirit yes or no questions. If you don’t understand there is a picture above.

(I assume the Charlie Charlie challenge was made for people who don’t like to mess with the ouija board.)

  1. The Fire Challenge
The fire challenge is when you put alcohol on yourself and light it on fire. Kinda dumb……,but the internet knows no boundaries. It was funny watching people do it but sometimes people get really hurt. It’s still funny but you feel bad about laughing at them, but they were the ones who decided to do it. So I guess its ok?

(don’t report me. I’m not trying to disrespect the families of those whose relative was injured in this type of accident.)   

(I bet you guys saw this video and laughed. I don’t know what happened to him but i think he went to a hospital)

  1. The Boiling Water Challenge
The boiling water challenge is when you dump a bucket of boiling hot water on yourself. This is like the ice bucket challenge but it hurts your skin.  This is an odd one because this causes damage. I’m not too sure on how bad but i’m pretty sure some people got hurt.  

 (this is the idiot who invented it)

2017 was a bad year because of everything that was going on, on Youtube and all the disasters that had happened like the shootings and the hurricanes. It was a horrible year. This year probably won’t be different. The first week and the president is already getting on North Korea’s nerves. Lets hope we don’t get nuked. Anyway this was the 6 trends that we saw someone do.          

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