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Thursday, February 8, 2018

3 Health Associations That Are Killing You

By: Guadalupe Campos Soto 

Do you ever wonder why so many people get sick with fatal diseases? Well I’m about to tell you and it is the WACKEST……..REASON……. EVER!

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1. American Cancer Society: Meat is one of the top foods that causes cancer because of all the fat it has. That fat can have fatal consequences. In the documentary “What the health” Kip states that we all worry too much about getting enough protein from meats. “All protein is made by plants” says Dr. Milton Mills therefore there is no reason that we need to eat meat. Meat is a luxury. Yet the American Cancer society recommends it! Can you believe that?

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2. American Heart Association: The American Heart Association is supposed to help you prevent and treat heart disease. The leading cause of most heart diseases are fats that you are not able to process. Yet again the website that is supposed to help you with a specific health issue is literally telling you to do things that will cause you to get that disease you are trying to prevent. Isn’t this unbelievable!? The real question is why would they do that???

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3. Susan G. Komen: This is the association that is working to help breast cancer victims right? Then why are they recommending you eat “healthy” by just limiting your processed meats and not completely cutting them off. They are the thing that is literally killing you. Also why are the corporations that are literally selling poison, supporting the diseases that they created??

The real reason is that these companies are not actually trying to help. They have been corrupted by money! What the health!! The very food companies that are killing us are sponsoring the corporations that are “helping us.” Can you believe that! In the documentary “What The Health” they went to multiple health corporations and met with some workers. They asked them why their food  recommendations consisted of the the very foods they were killing us. Upon this confrontation they argued for no apparent reason. This is just another example of how our world has been corrupted by greed and money.

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