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Friday, February 2, 2018

5 dumb trends of 2017

By:Tehya Ellifrits
Trends can be weird, funny, and maybe even dangerous.  We had some pretty powerful trends in 2017.  Read on to see the 5 dumbest trends that took place in 2017.

  1. The Kylie Jenner Challenge- The Kylie Jenner challenge is a challenge that has left multiple teens in horror. The Kylie Jenner challenge is where you take a cup and put it over your lips sucking all of the air out of the cup. Which will suck all the blood to your lips and hopefully give you perfectly plump lips. The only problem is the blood has busted many peoples lips and hurt them.

  1. The Tide Pod Challenge- The tide pod challenge is a challenge that has made many teens and kids sick . This challenge is where you eat a tide pod that was meant for washing clothes not mouths. This trend started in 2017 and has carried onto 2018 hopefully  this trend will end soon.

  1. The Firecracker Challenge- The firecracker challenge is a very dangerous trend. where you take a firecracker and either hold it in your hand or put it in your mouth. You then ignite the fire cracker and allow it to explode where ever you put it. Many teens and people in there early twenties have tried this and ended up bleeding.  

  1. The Blue Whale Game- Some people haven't heard of the blue whale game the blue whale game is very dangerous and has caused many deaths. The blue whale game is a online phenomenon that persuades the person who is playing the game to commit suicide. Most people think it is just a stupid game but the game has taken some of the lives of the people that has played.

  1. The Nose Hair Trend-The nose hair trend isn’t dangerous just silly. This trend is where you put false eyelashes in your nose and glue them there. Some people think it’s just some cool trend, but usually they just end up looking kind of gross.

Trends can be very dangerous or funny. Though trends always die over time trends make a powerful impact on the world for however long they go on. Trends can change the way you feel and think about yourself and other things. Although they are some time fun, NEVER do a trend that can harm you or anybody else.

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