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Monday, March 27, 2017

Keep It Pusheen

By: Jennifer Zavala
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(Warning: before reading, keep your dog on a leash!)

Pusheen, which comes from the Irish word puisin, means kitten. But what does that have to do with big chubby cats that like to eat and sleep and be lazy all day? Well, today is your lucky day because you will experience what it’s like to be a pusheen.

Pusheen was created by artists Clare Belton and Andrew Duff as a character in their webcomic “Everyday Cute”, which was first launched in May of 2010.

Image result for everyday cutePusheen is based on Clare Belton’s childhood chubby gray tabby cat. The cat was named Puisin, after she was adopted from a shelter. And yes, the cat is a female to all you lady cat lovers. I have to admit, Pusheen is the cutest cat you will ever see on the internet, even cuter than Grumpy Cat, Pudge the Cat, and maybe even Lil Bub. Pusheen hasn’t just been featured on Tumblr, but also on the sites ‘Catster’, ‘The Daily Dot’, ‘LaughingSquid’, ‘Novelty Store Archie McPhee’s blog’, ‘I Can Has Cheezburger?’ and ‘Tumblr Storyboard’.

Pusheen has a book! It is called “I Am Pusheen the Cat” and was published October 29, 2013 by Claire Belton and you can now buy it for $10.99!

If you want to see some more Pusheen Picture, go to “”. It has many pages of humorous fun! It has 45 pages in total and go to page 27 and scroll down to see some Pushmemes (Pusheen Memes)! Also go to “” to see the original Pusheen comics! Since Pusheen has her own website, everyday cute is like Stormy’s, Pusheen’s little sister, website, just so you know.

Also look for the “Pusheen Coloring Book”, which was originally published on October 25 of 2016 and was also written by Claire Belton.
Pusheen isn’t as popular as she was before, but always check for more news and pictures and even videos on her website! Make sure to follow Pusheen on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and don’t forget to look for more Pusheen memes and jokes because, Pusheen is still soaring through the website, warming people’s hearts and making dogs go crazy! In other words, Keep calm and love cats (even the ones that eat a lot)!    =^● ⋏ ●^=   -Meow



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