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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

3 Great Things Invented on Accident

By: Tehya Ellifrits

Accidents happen all the time, but accidents that make you rich occur only once in a lifetime. Some of the things that we love so much were created by accident. Cheers to the amazing accidents that follow.

1. Hot Cheetos
Cheetos are great especially Hot Cheetos . Hot cheetos were invented by a man by the name Richard MontaƱez . He worked as a janitor at a cheeto factory. And one day the assembly line stopped working and there were Cheetos without any cheese coating. So he took them home and flavored them with spices inspired by a mexican street food elote (corn on the cob grilled with chili and mayonnaise) .

2. Play-doh
Play-doh is a stress relieving accident. Play-doh was made by Noah McVicker and his family through a soap company. It was invented to clean wallpaper. Then people started to use it as a modeling doh and now it is the play-doh that almost everyone has played with or heard of.

3. Chocolate chip cookies
Who knew that a accident would be Nestles most popular invention. One day Ruth Wakefield was making butter cookies . After she had made the dough she decided that she wanted chocolate cookies. So she cut up a Nestle chocolate bar and put it in the dough. And that became a very big hit.

These people got really lucky with there accidents, so lucky that it made them rich. I am happy these mistakes were made to bring these super addicting products to life.


  1. That's really cool

  2. i never knew that

  3. Cholate chip cookies and cheetods are the best

  4. good good good good good good good
    good good good good

  5. it is really interesting because how cheetos don seem like the type of snack that would be made by accident. everyone love hot cheetos.

  6. the hot Cheetos one was funny

  7. hot cheetos where made by a janitor working at a school