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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

3 Great Things Invented on Accident

By: Tehya Ellifrits

Accidents happen all the time, but accidents that make you rich occur only once in a lifetime. Some of the things that we love so much were created by accident. Cheers to the amazing accidents that follow.

1. Hot Cheetos
Cheetos are great especially Hot Cheetos . Hot cheetos were invented by a man by the name Richard MontaƱez . He worked as a janitor at a cheeto factory. And one day the assembly line stopped working and there were Cheetos without any cheese coating. So he took them home and flavored them with spices inspired by a mexican street food elote (corn on the cob grilled with chili and mayonnaise) .

2. Play-doh
Play-doh is a stress relieving accident. Play-doh was made by Noah McVicker and his family through a soap company. It was invented to clean wallpaper. Then people started to use it as a modeling doh and now it is the play-doh that almost everyone has played with or heard of.

3. Chocolate chip cookies
Who knew that a accident would be Nestles most popular invention. One day Ruth Wakefield was making butter cookies . After she had made the dough she decided that she wanted chocolate cookies. So she cut up a Nestle chocolate bar and put it in the dough. And that became a very big hit.

These people got really lucky with there accidents, so lucky that it made them rich. I am happy these mistakes were made to bring these super addicting products to life.