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Monday, April 16, 2018

😵3 Photoshop Fails😵

By:Tehya Ellifrits

When the people spot a bad photoshop fail it goes viral . So if you would like to know what not to do then continue reading.

1. Kardashian photoshop fail
The Kardashians are known for being over dramatic and having good bodies(from plastic surgery).  Everyone was surprised that Kim kardashian would photoshop her photo after all of the plastic surgery she had done.

2. Selena Gomez´s hair photoshop
Selena Gomez hair photoshop fail took people by surprise because of how beautiful she is . This got mixed reviews some people called her fake and unfollowed her . And some people just didn't really care.

3. Rihanna's photoshop mishap
Rihanna is a beautiful independent singer. Who is known for her voice and her snappy comebacks. In this photoshop fail she has two nails. But most of us are probably still wondering what she was trying to correct.

These photoshop fails are funny but not that bad we can all admit things could have gone way worse. The only question is why would they need photoshop?

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