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Monday, June 6, 2016

Yum Yum in my Tum Tum

By: Britney Moreno                                 

Have you ever struggled to figure out what kind of food you want to make for dinner? Today you will have a chance to make or go eat some of the top favorite foods from around the world.  It will leave your taste buds in joy.  The foods listed in this article will have you saying “yum yum in my tum tum”!!!

Thailand-massaman curry
Massaman is a mixture of different kinds of flavors,muslims decided it was a great idea to make a new recipe that contains a lot of flavors.Everything just explodes into your mouth it leaves you with a smile on your face. The flavors that it has are spicy,coconutty,sweet and savory. If you like eating different things at the same time you will like Massaman,that way you don’t have to get a dessert or anything spicy because Massaman already has these flavors. A fact about Massaman is that you can put chicken in it a lot of people put chicken in it.  If your feeling down just make massaman because once you try it, you will never stop eating it.

Italy-Neapolitan pizza
Neapolitan pizza is amazing that’s why it’s so popular in italy, even in the united states people can buy Neapolitan pizza not only in Italy.Neapolitan pizza contains sea salt,wheat flour  3 types of tomatoes rolled dough. The neapolitans created a food that few make but for sure everyone enjoys it. Who would not want to have pizza,pizza is life!!! Every time you bite into the pizza you just can’t resist the cheesiness in the pizza. It’s just making your mouth water right now,just think of it right know like your taking a bite into it.

Britain-Shepherd’s pie
Shepherd’s pie is amazing it taste like beef pot pie,If you like beef and pie together this will be heaven pie for you.Shepherd’s pie taste better in a rainy gloomy day with an open fire licking pie.Who would not want to have two favorite things mix together pie and beef. This Shepherd’s pie just taste like beef pot pie.Fact about Shepherd’s pie is that people like to eat it when it’s cold or raining outside it’s just a perfect way to enjoy your favorite food.

A fresh homemade tortilla covered with oil and small chunks of grilled beef also covered in oil. I don’t care what anyone say Mexican tacos are the best food. If you have sad tacos,means there’s no topping in your tacos. Just put guacamole,salsa,onions and cilantro and you’ll have a happy tacos.Tacos are perfect to eat anywhere anytime,perfect for breakfast,lunch and dinner. This is the reason when me and my family go to mexico we don’t leave weighing less than when we arrived.

United states-donut
The delicious gilt of snacking topped on these addictive with mashed calorie bombs makes the taste better if that’s possible.  A fact about donuts is that Hanson Gregory invented a ring shaped donut in 1847.  The good thing about donuts is that their are different toppings you can put that you like. You can get donuts anywhere you want,you can make them at home,purchase them and buy them in supermarkets,Anywhere!!!

When you go home you need to make these foods. I am sure when you eat one of these foods it will leave a smile on your face. Don’t  let anyone ruin your dreams by saying this is not healthy. #Yolo and keep on making these foods because they are amazing especially tacos.  Btw all of these foods are easy to make just search up how to make them, Now that you read this article and you know what you’re going to make today I won’t  keep you busy go ahead and stop reading and make some food.

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  1. Aw man, now i'm hungry! LOL